Adaptogens are a select group of medicinal herbs, roots and fungi that respond to the unique biochemistry of your body to redress imbalance. Often found growing in unforgiving environments, adaptogens are intelligent superfoods that have had to ‘adapt’ to survive and when introduced to your body, support your adrenal and central nervous system by elevating levels that are too low or reducing levels that are too high.

Regular consumption of adaptogens increases your body’s ability to resist physical, chemical, and biological stressors to maintain (or restore) homeostasis, boost immunity, elevate mood, regulate hormones and naturally energise.

Drink daily to ignite your mind, nourish your body and elevate your mood, our adaptogenic ingredients have been used for centuries to cure the ills of weary travelers. Weaving ancient wisdom with modern alchemy, each batch of our Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate is hand blended with intention from ethically sourced ingredients from across the globe.

128g/16 Serves


All ingredients are 100% certified organic: 

cacao, panela, maca, ginger,

carob, lucuma, reishi mushroom (10:1 extract),

chaga mushroom (10:1 extract), ashwagandha,

cinnamon, peruvian mountain salt



Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate