What is Black Elderberry Extract?

Sambucus is a genus of flowering plants in the Adoxaceae family. The various species are most commonly known as Elderberry Sambucus. The most common type, Sambucus Nigra is native to Europe but is also widely grown in other parts of the world as well. It grows up to 9 meters tall and bears bunches of white budding flowers and dark-blue, ripe Elderberries.

Traditionally, Native Americans and Egyptians used Elderberry topically for a variety of Skin Care needs. Its notoriety has since become widespread and Elderberry Sambucus is now a popular supplement in the United States and Europe as well. Elderberry contains a plethora of Vitamins and Minerals such as Vitamin A&C, Folate, Potassium and Iron. Curious about where to buy Sambucus?

Benefits of PipingRock’s Black Elderberry

PipingRock now carries a delicious Non-GMO and Vegan, Liquid Extract. A single Teaspoon delivers an equivalent of 4250 mg of Black Elderberry in a super-concentrated formula.

Elderberry naturally contains Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients for premium, Herbal Support. Enjoy the sweet nectar of Black Elderberry that mixes perfectly with water or your favorite drink. Add this bold berry powerhouse to your herbal collection today and notice the difference!

Black Elderberry Extract 4250 mg