Natural support for the immune system, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cell protector and tonic for health and wellbeing.


200ml bottle


Research has shown that turmeric may:

  • support the immune system
  • exhibit a potent anti-inflammatory effect
  • have significant antioxidant effects
  • exert direct free radical scavenging activity

Over thousands of years turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional herbal medicine systems as a treatment that may:

  • help relieve mild joint pain
  • act as a liver protectant
  • help relieve symptoms of indigestion
  • act as a digestive bitter
  • assist in mild gastrointestinal disorders

Complete 3 Turmeric is both a tonic that provides antioxidants for the maintenance of wellbeing and a remedy that may assist in relieving specific health conditions.

Modern research continues to investigate this ancient rhizome’s exciting potential for a wide range of applications.

Unlike many other turmeric extracts, Complete 3 Turmeric is:

  • made from fresh certified organic turmeric
  • grown on our farm from premium rootstock selected after each harvest
  • both grown and produced in Australia
  • not made from imported dried powder


Complete 3 Turmeric™ Liquid Extract