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MTHFR and Epigenetics

As people each of us has a unique genetic makeup, so lets call this the ‘code’ that makes you who are are. We are all different, and this is why, because your code is unique to only you. Included in those differences may be certain defects, variations or cheeky genes. Do not stress about this as we all have cheeky genes!  The MTHFR gene mutation is a common one and  a huge amount of research has surfaced regarding the cheeky MTHFR gene. When it is cheeky it affects your bodies ability to detoxify, as well as over 60 chronic health conditions from hypothyroidism, blood clots, infertility, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, depression, birth defects, and certain cancers. 

After years of research and study, I can show you how to work with your body to ensure the cheeky MTHFR gene mutation, and other possible cheeky genes in your system, do not negatively impact your health. Once we discover which genes are at play, I can guide and teach you, to ensure it doesn't become a health problem for you.

In the past we used to think that our genes were static and there was nothing we could do about them but now we know that is not true. The emerging science called epigenetics shows us that genes can be both turned on and turned off. 

Let me help you turn the cheeky ones to the best optimal position, which is off. So that you remove chronic illness, and all the health issues you have been experiencing and ensure that as you get older they don't arise. Just because your family history was bad with heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes, does not mean you have to just accept that as your fate too. 

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